Miss Sloane (2016)

Did you ever wished to discover the lobyist world but you wanted something more serious than the movie Thank you for smoking? Now is apparently good time to introduce you Miss Sloane.

Everything revolves around the strong main character, Elizabeth Sloane, one of the most successful lobyist. She will stands against most powerful oponent she ever did. Where is the crossing line when it comes to winning? What is “too much”?

Jessica Chastain plays really charismatic but also quite a bitch person. Probably one of her best perfomances. You can’t love or hate her character but you can admire her skills when it comes to “playing chess game”. There is lots of politics is involved, so hands off if you don’t like politics in movies.

Oh and Miss Sloane is very face paced movie you’ll probably don’t notice the length, 2h and 12 minutes.

It’s a shame this movie wasn’t nominated for oscars.



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