To this point I’ve seen about 3/5 of the last oscars winning movies and I’m still trying to comprehend what the actual fuck happened. I mean look at those movies, in my opinion,  the only movie from the nominated that actually deserves to be there is Arrival and even that is discutable.

I am not sure if I’m getting old or the movies getting worse, to me it seems like bunch of movies full of hyper correctness and hypocrisy or playing just for effect. Thanks to oscars 2016 boycotting we now have to tolerate more shitty movies. Before you can say it, no I’m not a racist because when you start forcing something artificially it simply means increasing the quantity while ignoring the quality.

Quality over quantity

So now they have to “reserve” several places to movies that contains something including black people and it doesn’t matter if in some specific year were made some oscar nominations worthy movie.

The Whole argument “there is not enough diversity” is utterly wrong. Next year someone will demand more hindi movies and more hindi actors nomination or hispanic actors or whatever, while still ignoring the fact that Oscars are WEST CULTURE thing which means that majority of nominated should logically represent and reflex the reality. around 60-70 % of U.S. population is white that means more white actors, more white directors etc. All of that leads to more “white” movies. It’s therefore understandable that majority of nominated movies are also being “white”. More movies means higher chances of the “oscar worthy” movies.

My solution for this mess is simple, look at the movie, its qualities and ignore the color, the race, the ethnicity when it doesn’t matter and just look at the actor’s performance. (I know I am that naive)


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