Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Visually breathtaking yet heartless story from Star Wars universe placed between episode III and IV.

It’s cruel reality and sadness that even at 21st century the well written FEMALE characters are practically non existing and Rogue One is no exception. Felicity Jones’s Jyn Erso was very unpleasant character, she was actually quite a bitch, switching from one extreme to another. From total disinterest, with nothing but blink of an eye, to best and most loyal fan of rebel alliance. All of that makes it pretty hard to sympathize with her.

Other characters suffer in almost identical way. There is no room left for empathy, Anybody who watched Star Wars knows that this story is about stealing construction plans of death star and the ones  who stole them died. You know they are going to die but you don’t care, it’s cold and impersonal.

The cheap jokes, that could be easily invented by 12 years old kid, only further undermine the atmosphere. Worth mentioning is robot unit K-2SO and its sarcastic sense of humour sadly it’s similar to but not as funny as Marvin, the Paranoid Android from hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

The Soundtrack was really terrible, strange hybrid of the original themes from Star Wars and something that was made to sound like Star Wars. Instead of that they should either pick just the original themes or try to compose completely new tracks.

What has happened is a complete separation from Star Wars and their unique story telling and what’s left is just a soulless good-looking sci-fi body floating through space. Body that you don’t care about. Body that you leave lying on the ground and let it rot.



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