Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Here it goes, another remake/reboot of a classic. currently there was like dozen of King Kong’s movies therefore someone got an idea to add another one to this bizarre pile.

And this current attempt is, empty. Even though it starts with a rapid speed, after no more than 20 minutes the whole crew is on the island and you can imagine what happens next, shit hits the fan. Kong’s first appearance quickly follows because typical american idea popped up: “Hm, What the hell is that?…I don’t know, but we should kill it with bombs”

Everything looks fine and action scenes are great. Well at least to the first 40 or 50 minutes then it tries to slowdown a bit and start with developing story and characters. But that’s the problem, in this movie, there isn’t any story or characters to develop and the forced slowdown in tempo makes in really visible.

After the film spans from this part towards the end it starts accelerate again but no matter how hard the movie tries to act cool again, the final boss battle seems kind of “meh”. A disproportionate amount of boring scenes can’t make up for a few great looking and cool scenes. Even the monsters are disappointing, there just upscaled ordinary animals like the spider, The Phasmatodea  etc. I wished they were more creative.

Nevertheless Kong: Skull Island should be just a first of the many “monster movies” that in the ideal world should begin great franchise and it’s well-known that there should be a Kong vs Godzilla movie around 2020. This is basically the reason why is the Kong so fucking big.


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