Jackie (2016)

I should say that I truly love docudrama movies but what happened in this film i don’t know. It was utterly painful to watch it.

Instead of caring about the main character portrayed by Natalie Portman I just hoped that somebody travels back through the time and shoot her too. Yes, she did great job when it comes to the authentic part but I guess it was too much. Too much acting, too much of that annoying accent, too much authenticity.

It was cold, boring and uninteresting experience. Lately I was told that in the US people actually adore Jacqueline Kennedy to the point that led to creation of several myths about her person. This information explains why it was well received overseas.

I’m strongly against recommendation to watch this movie unless you want to throw out almost 2 hours of your life through the window.


Eddie the Eagle (2016)

I guess, the sole reason wheter you’ll like this is built on presumption you like movies soaked with positiveness.

It’s not a particularly funny movie yet it is pleasing to watch how the story goes. But again, if you don’t like those kind of “feel good” movies you have to back off immediately.

This film is very reminiscent of the movie called Cool Runnings (1993) . Both stories even happened at the same winter olympic games but Cool Runnings was actually quite funny and entertaining picture while Eddie the Eagle isn’t.

Yeah, the nickname isn’t derived from how far he managed to jump