Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Initially it was looking good, the first hour was above average action ride practically repeating things that worked in the first movie. Sadly, after that nothing but senseless exaggeration in terms of “lets maximize everything that worked before” happens. Therefore Drax’s ability to not understand sarcasm is used basically in every other scene, Groot is even more cutter etc. 

The length, almost 2,5 hour, is simply overwhelming for such an elementary story and after the first hour it becomes tiring, lobotomizing, nothing remarkable happens. Those movies should have been 50 minutes long.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

Name so long you have to be diver to be able to pronounce it in one go.

It looks like a Transformers but it’s not. It looks like a Transformers sequel but it’s not. What it is? Oh yeah, the second TMNT movie, which is even worse than last Transformers.

  • Megan Fox – checked
  • Weird robotic thing – checked
  • cheesy jokes – checked
  • tragic storytelling and characters – checked

If you love yourself or your kids you can go watch the original animated tv show but definitely not this attempt to make another series to milk money.

Going Postal (2010)

Once in a while I  genuinely regret my lack of interest or even hatred for books. Terry Pratchett’s unique type of humour and grotesque depictions of the world are simply amazing and these things work probably even better in the books.

Most stands out, apart from the art style and the whole world, the main female character portrayed by Claire Foy. Without her brilliant acting would be  the movie only half as great as it is.

Even though the story is greatly narrated it’s not an original one but who cares when it is so gladdeing to watch.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

I guess, the sole reason wheter you’ll like this is built on presumption you like movies soaked with positiveness.

It’s not a particularly funny movie yet it is pleasing to watch how the story goes. But again, if you don’t like those kind of “feel good” movies you have to back off immediately.

This film is very reminiscent of the movie called Cool Runnings (1993) . Both stories even happened at the same winter olympic games but Cool Runnings was actually quite funny and entertaining picture while Eddie the Eagle isn’t.

Yeah, the nickname isn’t derived from how far he managed to jump


Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

Po never really disappoints. It’s again a fine story but you can’t tell the same joke over and over again and expect the same result.

In my opinion, the biggest problem of Kung Fu Panda series is a main “bad guy”. You can feel how the villains are flat, like the story was always created without them and they are forced to the story because hero needs a Villain. Someone somewhere said:

A hero is only as good as his villain

This inability to create at least average villain for the Po’s story and the repetitiveness of once told jokes and main plot are the two key factors which are turning down the whole movie. But you can always watch it with kids because there are more pandas than ever before.

Could child resist to that?