Apocalypto (2006)

At the beginning slower pace turns gradually into thrilling tempo that doesn’t stop until the end.

Not a unique story but it’s sufficient when you try to show an ancient civilization and it’s brutality. You can discuss whether it is accurate representation of mayan civilisation or not. It’s always difficult when the civilisation is at least several hundred years “extinct” and thanks to location pretty “mysterious”. You should just grab some popcorn and enjoy the story about a guy who is trying to get back his family, hm typed like that it sounds like another Liam Neeson’s movie.

It has solid action sequences and overall it’s a great movie which takes place in surroundings not so often used in Hollywood.



Miss Sloane (2016)

Did you ever wished to discover the lobyist world but you wanted something more serious than the movie Thank you for smoking? Now is apparently good time to introduce you Miss Sloane.

Everything revolves around the strong main character, Elizabeth Sloane, one of the most successful lobyist. She will stands against most powerful oponent she ever did. Where is the crossing line when it comes to winning? What is “too much”?

Jessica Chastain plays really charismatic but also quite a bitch person. Probably one of her best perfomances. You can’t love or hate her character but you can admire her skills when it comes to “playing chess game”. There is lots of politics is involved, so hands off if you don’t like politics in movies.

Oh and Miss Sloane is very face paced movie you’ll probably don’t notice the length, 2h and 12 minutes.

It’s a shame this movie wasn’t nominated for oscars.


Allied (2016)

It’s one of those movies in which the story is quite uninteresting with believable neat retro visage. The main characters has a cold impression. Their emotions are simply not there.

So when it comes to Story, development of main characters and the main plot, you just don’t care.

Yet for some strange reason I so much enjoyed watching the whole movie thanks to the cinematography by Don Burgess. The steady continuous shots that were made with extreme precision, love and were also delicately cut. Absence of fast cutting and notorious shaky camera.

It was orgasm for eyes but hammer blow for brain.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

I guess, the sole reason wheter you’ll like this is built on presumption you like movies soaked with positiveness.

It’s not a particularly funny movie yet it is pleasing to watch how the story goes. But again, if you don’t like those kind of “feel good” movies you have to back off immediately.

This film is very reminiscent of the movie called Cool Runnings (1993) . Both stories even happened at the same winter olympic games but Cool Runnings was actually quite funny and entertaining picture while Eddie the Eagle isn’t.

Yeah, the nickname isn’t derived from how far he managed to jump


Mars (2016)

Do you think that getting to mars is the very top priority to humans? Well at least 1 guy, Elon Musk, thinks that and he is willing to achieve it as soon as possible.

Mars series is partially a drama starting at the year of 2033 with the colonization of mars (or at least how we think it should look like). The other part mainly consist of scientists and other experts talking about all the difficulties and what it takes to get on Mars and Survive there.

Sadly the ratio between “drama” and “education” is somewhere around 65 % drama, 35 % education. Even though it lacks some essential qualities of a good sci-fi, it is still a great reminder to us, human kind, what we need to accomplish to being able to survive as a race.

 Would you be willing to be among the first?


Flatliners (1980)

Is there something after death? Would you like to know it? Are you sure?

A group of med students will try to find it out using quite an unorthodox method. They literally kill themself, but what comes after that?

Definitely great atmosphere with some kind of bleak scenery which is good for the movie but at the same time it looks a bit cheap.

Anyway, it has some good ideas and it’s worth to watch it.

even though it looks funny, it is not, trust me


Ben-Hur (1959)

This spectacle piece of cinematography show us the beauty of monumentality. Thousands of extras, also the movie length, 3 hours and 32 minutes, stunning locations and so on. At that time trully something remarkable movie.

But the years passed and the simple story about 2 almost brothers, betrayal between them and the following revenge (while in the background is happening the story of Jesus Christ) is just not enough for today´s standards.

Long story short, it´s a fine movie but it is not aged as well as it could,

great chariot race is also included

Great chariot race is also included