Labyrinth (1986)

Fantasy movie full of creative ideas and practical effects starring young Jennifer Connelly and recently deceased avantgarde pop star David Bowie.

Simple story about a girl who has to get through the labyrinth to obtain his younger sibling who was kidnapped by an “evil wizard” or to be precise the goblin king. All of that wrapped in a magical world full of weird monsters and creatures is probably more suitable for children than adults. The practical effects are amazing, it looks awesome even after three decades.

The main problem is David Bowie’s goblin king which is used only to sing several songs  and to dramatize whole story and that’s it, bad guy with zero charisma. His unexplained behavior makes it really hard to understand why he acts the way he does.

Kids will enjoy it, adults may admire the technical side of this movie.


Going Postal (2010)

Once in a while I  genuinely regret my lack of interest or even hatred for books. Terry Pratchett’s unique type of humour and grotesque depictions of the world are simply amazing and these things work probably even better in the books.

Most stands out, apart from the art style and the whole world, the main female character portrayed by Claire Foy. Without her brilliant acting would be  the movie only half as great as it is.

Even though the story is greatly narrated it’s not an original one but who cares when it is so gladdeing to watch.