Guily Pleasures – short list

Starship Troopers

starshiptroopers1997-0113In some way hilarious or even bad but for me absolute sci-fi classic about and alien invasion and how humanity will deal with those nasty insects and In My opinion also heavily against military propaganda.

Empire records

maxresdefaultSimple-minded movie about weird bunch of people who work together at local music store and all of them are connected through passion for music. Many of those who played in this movie become later in their careers famous but in this case they didn’t portrayed the characters for money but for the love of acting.

Mean girls


Long before Lindsay Lohan become, well you know what, she also played in solid movies. I know that this one is really aimed at teenagers, Childish humour but gorgeous cast and somehow working “plot twist”.

John Wick


Story for dummies but damn the action scenes? That’s why i love old 90s action movies and that’s why i love john wick, old-school action sequences that are fucking cool. There are even videos of Keanu training and preparing for the scenes that’s maybe even cooler.

Final destination


Terrible acting, stupid decisions, who cares! I adore when someone die in a creative way and this whole movie is about dying, dying in the most ridiculous ways. You know they’re going to die and you just want to see HOW.

The Mummy


You could call it a cheap copy of Indiana Jones but it differs in small details. It is adventure but it starts in more serious, darker atmosphere yet it ends in much funny style.

Bulletproof monk


Monk protects a sacred scroll but he needs a student that can be trusted in order to pass on him the duty of protecting the scroll. Cheesy jokes, great action, lovable woman character and lots of fun.


Pitch Black

yc0ceez9oo6ydyymcefy90q9jiiWho wouldn’t love one of the most badass character of all time – Riddick. Even though Vin Diesel can’t really act properly he’s portraying Riddick in a way you just want to say: “This is cool, this is so fucking cool”. Eyes reflecting light in the complete dark? Fucking Cool. That extra curved and weird-looking knifes? Fucking Cool.