Brimstone (2016)

Do you know what happen when you mix together first terminator movie, the witch (2015) and the western style? I am just kidding but elements from those movies are really visible in Brimstone.

Unstoppable antagonist that is chasing our main female star portrayed by Dakota Fanning. She can’t escape her past no matter where she goes. This movie also includes several “fucked up” scenes most of them contains “religion fanaticism” and of course lots of blood and explicit, disturbing scenes.

Brimstone is split into four parts, it all starts in reverse order heading right toward finale part that is set in “future”. I don’t believe this odd segmentation was really necessary and justified, you could tell the same story using normal order and everybody would be much happier.

When you look at the full cast you’ll definitely notice two names from Game of Thrones,  Carice van Houten and Kit Harington, Kit play just insignificant man but Carice’s character has some importance and impact.

It’s not really a western it just happen to be in that environment, it’s more like a thriller with a drop of mystery that will try to shock you and most likely it’ll succeed.




Flatliners (1980)

Is there something after death? Would you like to know it? Are you sure?

A group of med students will try to find it out using quite an unorthodox method. They literally kill themself, but what comes after that?

Definitely great atmosphere with some kind of bleak scenery which is good for the movie but at the same time it looks a bit cheap.

Anyway, it has some good ideas and it’s worth to watch it.

even though it looks funny, it is not, trust me